RDP USA X3 (1 Months) Remote Desktop Protocol

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Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
Remote Desktop Protocol is a feature available in the Windows operating system, with this feature, you will easily control the computer in a computer network.
– Benefit:

+ RDP running fast, high security, genuine Vps can be extended for many years.

+ RDP click offer to understand the results.

+ RDP default install win2008. Want to run bluestack, must ask us to install win2012.

+ RDP you can manage on your mobile phone.

+ RDP uses HMA, PureVPN, VIP72, SSH … fake IP is comfortable.

+ RDP hang Jing, Heap, Auto Comfort.

– Read Warranty Policy:

+ Our RDP service is genuine and never dies in the middle (this means that there is never a case of data loss). You can extend the next month’s notice before we know the expiration date.

+ In the event of RDP failure, the customer will be processed no more than 24 hours from the time of receiving the notice.

+ Do not use RDP for the purposes of: DDOS, Hack, Crack, Spam, Torrent, Scan SSH, PTU, UPload video. Vps use auto money to make money.

+ Change pass immediately after receiving RDP, no warranty in case of lost pass.

+ All cases edit, config incorrect or deliberately lose the remote control (not reset on Sever) I do not accept refund or renewal.

+ Customers using RDP for malicious purposes have their vendor alert mail will block RDP immediately avoid affecting the whole system.

+ In case customers are suppressed RDP due to rules or for any reason that want to change IP can request another IP (RDP is still raw, no loss of data) price 3 $ / 1IP.

+ After receiving RDP without shutdown, RDP will die.

– It is recommended to Reset frequently to make RDP smoother.
– Manual instruction:

– Test RDP speed (images).

We only sell good quality products, not sell poor quality products. Buy multiple quantity please contact to buy cheaper. Thank you!


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