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  • Unblocking Websites
  • Unblocking Video Streaming
Connections: 5 Simultaneous Connections
Countries: 141 Countries, IPs 80,000+ IP, 500 VPN Servers
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It was 2006 when PureVPN was born. The founders’ objective was to be able to unblock geographically restricted websites and help affected users bypass internet censorships in order to freely access the web.

Since it was established, PureVPN has grown into one of the largest VPN networks in the world. This Hong Kong based VPN service provider offers truly reliable VPN services and is also easy to set up. Thus making it a preferred VPN choice.

PureVPN in China

China censors certain content in order to ‘protect’ the mainland. But what is really going on is that China’s “Great Firewall” is simply hindering its people from using or accessing internet services that are actually useful (i.e. Google, YouTube).

There is a work around in unblocking internet censorship in China though and that is with the use of a good VPN service of course. Among the popular VPNs in China is PureVPN. According to many users, PureVPN is actually a solid VPN service in China, noting that the VPN provide effective unblocking features.

PureVPN has numerous servers around the world including a few in China. This is one reason why many Chinese users are enjoying and reaping the benefits of subscribing to PureVPN.

With a server in China, users will have better privacy and security while accessing websites like Weibo and Baidu. There wouldn’t be any problem accessing foreign content too since PureVPN is more than capable of bypassing all types of geographic restrictions.
We wanted to experience PureVPN first-hand and so we tested it out. Read along to learn more about PureVPN.

PureVPN Compatibility and Usability

PureVPN support popular operating systems and the latest mobile devices. Windows, Mac and Linux are OS’s that are supported by PureVPN. The VPN service will also run fine on Android, iPhone, iPad, top-boxes and DD-WRT routers.

PureVPN also offer free VPN apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. What we love about the smartphone apps is that they are easy to setup and simple to use. Plus they also come with the full PureVPN features including unlimited server switching, subscription renewal menu and a 24/7 live chat support.

Supported security protocols include PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, IKEv2 and SSTP. PureVPN offer up to 256-bit data encryption for best security.

PureVPN Cost of Subscription

For every PureVPN subscription, users are allowed to login on 5 different devices simultaneously. As of this writing, PureVPN costs $9.95 (¥62) per month. PureVPN also offer long term subscriptions for discounted rates.

PureVPN’s 6 Month Plan only costs $44.95 (¥275). The biggest discount that users can get is when they subscribe to the 1 year plan for only $49.95 or ¥310 per billed annually.

PureVPN used to offer a paid trial account but they’ve totally scraped it and now they’re just offering a 3 days moneyback guarantee.

PureVPN Accessibility in China

PureVPN has already established its servers in 101 countries with more than 500 servers and 80,000+ IP addresses.
Like what was mentioned earlier, PureVPN has 3 servers in China. The other servers are located in countries like the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Greece, India and Australia among others.

The PureVPN Client Interface

Here you get a detailed impression of the setting options the client offers:

PureVPN Speed and Bandwidth in China

PureVPN does not in any way cap bandwidth and connection speeds. Many think that since PureVPN is allowing 5 simultaneous connections for each account, that it already has some kind of limitations but in reality it really doesn’t have limits with bandwidth usage and even with speed.

Since VPN services are using highly encrypted networks, this causes a slowdown in speed. But when we were testing PureVPN while connected to a server in China, we never really experienced any speed slowdowns. As a matter of fact, PureVPN was fast and performed really well. We tried connecting to other servers and the speed was basically the same.

PureVPN Aftersales Support

As usual, we tested the reliability of the customer support. PureVPN did great actually. The agent we spoke with via live chat feature was polite and provided accurate information. There are of course other support platforms including FAQ pages, support ticket and email support. The live chat support is available 24/7.

PureVPN Review Conclusion: Is PureVPN the perfect match for the Great Firewall of China?

PureVPN is indeed an amazing tool for unblocking the entire web. With its servers strategically located all over the world, including in China, users can now combat internet censorship laws and regulations. PureVPN is one of the few VPN service providers that actually have physical servers in China.

With PureVPN, no more metered bandwidth, no more spying, no more geographic restrictions and no more censorship. PureVPN will give you back your privilege of a free internet and not even the government can stop you access the information you want.



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