Payment methods

We only accept payment through 3 methods:

+ We accept payment via eGift Cards. If you haveCredit/Debit Cards, so you can buy eGift Cards and send us as our following step by step below

Step 1: Visit webpage which sells Amazon Gift cards (or Click here). Note that we only accept US Amazon Gift cards ( You can click this link:

Step 2: Enter the amount you wish to purchase .

Step 3: Recipient email: (please copy exactly our email):

Step 4: In Message, enter your username and email on

Step 5: Click “Buy Now” button, and finish the payment with your Credit Cards/Debit Cards.

After we receive your e-giftcards via our email, we will add points to your account within several hours.

+ Perfectmoney(PM): U3135685 (gacon1)
+ Adress Bitcoin: 1DCjPmEMmWKSACCJHMNJmYzepkMwXgFYup

+ Adress Bitcoin cash: 1DCjPmEMmWKSACCJHMNJmYzepkMwXgFYup


You can send money directly to the address on the receipt. Then contact us to get the software account.



  • loganmark649 says:

    i made a payment for one month plan by perfect money …
    Perfect Money® payment complete

    Batch # 159252811
    Paid from accont: U9631916 (jp)
    Paid to account: U3135685 (gacon1)
    Amount: 9.00 USD
    Memo: Order 184 ref. # 184
    The payment was successful.

    Your batch number for confirmation is 159252811

    Thank you for using Perfect Money.

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